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Summer Waves Above Ground pool Review

Initial Pool Costs

Looking for a budget above ground swimming pool? The Summer Waves above ground swimming pool is one of the cheapest steel framed pools.

With a depth of 30”, this is more of a wading/splashing pool rather than an actual swimming pool.

The pool is smaller than most steel-framed above ground pools but still large enough to fit a family of up to four.

Set up is easy. A filter pump is included though you may want to upgrade to a more powerful sand filter.

Read on for our full review.

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Sizes Available



Product Specifications​


Best Features

1. Steel Frame Construction

The Summer Waves above ground pool is constructed from a heavy-duty PVC liner and a steel frame.

The liner is a 3-ply material that is tear and puncture-resistant. It can also withstand weather elements for multiple seasons without degrading.

The steel frame uses lightweight metal tubing that holds the weight of the water. The steel tubes are rustproof.

The pool is not as durable as a metal-sided one, but it’ll hold up well to several seasons of use.

2. Wading/Splashing Pool

The Summer Waves pool is perfect if you are looking for a wading pool you can splash around in with your family.

It’s just 30” deep, making it especially ideal for kids. Note that the actual depth of water is slightly lower than this when you measure up to the max fill line.

3. Small Footprint

If you have a small backyard, the Summer Waves above ground pool is perfect. Measuring only 12 feet across, it takes up very little space.

You can even set it up on your driveway.

Surprisingly, despite its size, it’s big enough for an entire family of four.

4. Cartridge Filter Pump and Skimmer

The pool comes with a filter cartridge pump though most customers recommend upgrading to something more powerful.

The filter has an integrated skimmer to catch large pieces of debris such as leaves.

Issues & Concerns

Weak Pump

Many customers recommend ordering a more powerful filter pump when you buy the pool. The cartridge filter pump that comes with the pool is weak, barely circulating the water.

It’s also likely to stop working after a few weeks.

A good quality sand filter like the Intex Krystal clear will last much longer and offer better water circulation and filtration.

No Accessories

Most above ground pools come with a ladder, ground cover and pool cover in addition to the pool and pump.

The Summer Waves pool set includes only the basics – pool liner, steel tubing for the frame and a cartridge filter pump.

There’s no pool cover, ground cloth or a ladder.

Not Ideal for Swimming

If you are looking for an above ground pool, you can swim in; this is not fit.

The water depth is less than 30”, making it more ideal for wading and splashing.

Assembly Instructions

The Summer Waves above ground pool is easy to assemble.

The most important part is to find a level ground. This ensures the pool is stable once you fill it with water.

If you can’t find a level area on your lawn, you can use sand to level it out. But put pavers underneath the steel supports to keep them from sinking into the sand.

If you’ve bought a ground tarp, put that down first to form a protective barrier between the ground and the pool liner.

Then place the liner on it and assemble the frame.

The steel tubes have a simple but secure locking mechanism that doesn’t require any tools.

Connect the outlet and inlet to the pump and then fill the pool with water.

You can fill the 1,715-gallon pool with a garden hose, but it will take several hours. If your kids can’t wait to use the pool, a pool filling service will be quicker and more convenient.

Remember to add some chlorine tablets before you get into the pool.

Our Bottom Line


The Summer Waves above ground pool is perfect for families looking for a low-cost but good quality wading/splashing pool that can fit in their small backyard.

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