The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Swimming Pool *Correctly*


how to troubleshoot a hayward pool heater

How To Troubleshoot A Hayward Pool Heater: Most Common Issues, Error Codes & Solutions

Pool heaters are an essential part of any swimming pool owner’s life. They provide warmth and comfort for swimmers and guests alike. However, there are …

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how to clean your pool's filter cartridge

How Often Should You Clean or Replace Your Pool’s Filter Cartridge? 4 Easy Ways To Do It Yourself

In general, your pool filter cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced about every month or two, depending on the size of the pool, the …

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how to operate a pool sand filter

How To Operate & Clean A Pool Sand Filter Properly: Step-By-Step Instructions

Sand filters are used to remove fine particles from water. Sand filters are usually placed near the return pump of the swimming pool. They are …

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what is a pool vacuum

How Does A Pool Vacuum Work – and Why Do You Need One?

A pool vacuum is a device used to clean the water in swimming pools. They are usually powered by electricity or by your pool’s existing …

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how to turn on pool skimmer valves

How To Turn On Your Pool Skimmer Valve (And Fix Common Issues)

Pool skimmers are used to remove debris from the surface of a pool. They are usually installed near or directly inside the pool’s wall, where …

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how much is a hayward pool pump

How Much Is A Hayward Pool Pump? A Complete Cost Guide

Your pool pump is an essential part of your swimming pool system. Without one, your pool would not circulate water effectively, moving water from the …

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