Top Bestway Above-Ground Pools: Reviews & Buying Guide

BestwayCorp is Chinese manufacture of inflatables, water sports products, airbeds, camping gear and above ground pools. 

The company launched in 1994 in Shanghai and now has a presence in multiple countries.

Their line of above ground pools consists of four brands.

Bestway Fast Set: These are their quick-setup inflatable above ground pools. They work the same way as IntexEasy Set pools. You have to inflate the top ring and then fill the pool with water. The Fast Set pools are the most affordable Bestway above ground pools.

BestwaySteel Pro: These are their steel-framed pools. They consist of a tough 3-layer liner and a durable steel frame.

BestwayPower Steel: Power Steel above ground pools also consist of a 3-layer liner and metal frame, but they are more rigid and sturdy and last longer than Steel Pro pools. They are, of course, more expensive.

BestwayHydrium: These are their steel-walled pools. They are incredibly strong, surprisingly affordable, and easy to set up. BestwayHydrium pools are more common in the UK than they are in the US. If you are interested in one, the 12’ by 36” Splasher Pool Set seems to be the only one available on the US Amazon website.

In addition to these brands, Bestway also owns the H2OGO brand, which includes small inflatable pools for kids and the entire family.

Below are our reviews of the best Bestway above ground pools.

If you are not interested in a Bestway pool, see reviews of other brands including Intex in our above ground pools buying guide.

What's in this Buying Guide

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    Top Bestway Above-Ground Pools

    Reviews of the Top Bestway Pools



    The H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool is an excellent choice if you are looking for a splash pool you can enjoy with your kids.

    It’s a steel frame pool, making it more durable than primary inflatable splash pools.

    The shaded design allows your family to enjoy the pool no matter how hot it gets


    The liner consists of three layers: two layers of tough PVC sandwiching a polyester mesh. This design makes the liner resistant to tears and punctures. It lasts much longer than vinyl-only liners.

    A steel frame provides extra support and rigidity. It consists of a top rail going around the pool and vertical supports that anchor the pool to the ground.

    The steel parts are corrosion resistant, so you can set up the pool anywhere outside without worrying about rust.

    Set-Up ​

    Measuring only 8ft by 20”, the Splash-in-Shade Play Pool takes up little space in your backyard. You can even set it up on your driveway.

    It’s also super easy to set up. The metal parts snap together without requiring any tools.

    It takes around half an hour to assemble the pool, including the canopy. The canopy is removable, so it’s up to you if you want to keep it on or enjoy the sunshine.

    Note that the Splash-in-Shade Play Pool doesn’t come with any fittings or a filter pump. If you don’t want to waste water emptying and to refill the pool every so often, buy a filter pump.

    You can get a Bestway Flow clear pump or an Intex Krystal Clear cartridge or sand filter pump.

    We also recommend using chlorine tablets to keep the water safe and hygienic.






    The rectangular Splash frame pool is another good choice if you have young kids. It measures just 23” deep, making it perfect for kids to wade and splash in.

    The metal frame design provides rigid support and durability.

    Like the Splash-in-Shade pool, this one also doesn’t come with a filter pump. Depending on your needs, you may need to buy a separate filter pump and connect it to the pool.


    This is a metal frame pool consisting of a heavy-duty liner and a steel frame.

    The liner has a 3-ply structure where two PVC materials sandwich a polyester mesh. This gives the liner a longer lifespan and makes it more resistant to tearing or puncturing.

    To support the weight of water, the pool has a basic steel frame that consists of a top rail and feet to keep the pool stable.

    Set-Up ​

    The pool measures 8ft by 5ft. Even a small backyard or driveway can accommodate it.

    You don’t need any tools to assemble the pool. Just lay out the liner on level ground and put together the snap-on frame.

    The pool doesn’t come with a ground cloth. If your grass is the hard kind, consider buying a ground cloth or tarp.

    It also doesn’t come with a filter pump. We highly recommend one, as well as some chlorine tablets, if you plan to leave the pool up all summer.

    But if you don’t mind refilling it every few days, you can do without a pump.

    If you decide to get a pump, the 530 GPH Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump, is perfect for the pool size.






    The Fast Set series is Bestway’s version of Intex’s Easy Set pools. It consists of inflatable pools that take less than 10 minutes to set up.

    The 12’ by 30” size is perfect for kids and small families.

    It comes with a filter pump so you can leave it up all summer.


    The Fast Set pool uses the same type of liner used in most other Bestway above ground pools – a 3-ply liner consisting of a polyester mesh sandwiched between two PVC layers.

    Compared to vinyl-only inflatable pools, this one is less likely to puncture and lasts longer.

    An inflatable ring at the top supports it.

    Set-Up ​

    Inflatable pools are typically easy and quick to set up. The Bestway Fast Set pool is no different.

    Once you find a suitable location in your backyard – should be level with no sharp objects on the ground–place the liner on the ground and inflate the top ring.

    Connect the filter pump and proceed to fill the pool with water. The ring will rise as the pool fills up.

    This is a low cost above ground pool. So don’t expect top-notch quality. Leaks are common, and the top ring tends to lose air, requiring frequent re-pressurizing.

    But if you are looking for an above ground pool the kids can enjoy for 2-4 seasons; it’s a good pocket-friendly option.

    To get as much life out of it as possible, we highly recommend getting a ground tarp to lay it on even if you have a soft grassed lawn. This reduces the risk of a puncture at the bottom of the liner.






    The Steel Pro pool set is a right choice if you are looking for a durable and affordable steel frame pool.

    There are three sizes available: 10ft, 14ft, and 15ft. All are round

    15-footer is the best choice for most families. It’s big enough to accommodate several kids and even a couple of adults.

    It takes up a bit more space than the other Bestway pools we’ve reviewed above, but it’s still perfect for small backyards.


    The main material is the PVC and polyester liner. Bestway calls this material Tri-Tech.

    It consists of two PVC layers sandwiching a polyester mesh, creating a sturdy and durable material that doesn’t tear or puncture easily.

    A steel frame supports the liner. The metal parts have an anti-corrosion coating to keep them from rusting.

    A 3-ply support band goes around the middle of the pool, wrapping over the vertical steel supports. This keeps the steel frame in place and increases overall stability.

    Set-Up ​

    Don’t be scared by the steel frame.

    You can easily set up the pool yourself, and you don’t even need any tools. The metal parts have a convenient interlocking design.

    The most important thing is to find a level ground. This ensures the liner doesn’t bulge on one side, which could affect stability.

    Bestway often doesn’t include accessories with their pools. Consider buying a ground tarp beforehand and lay it on the grass before you set up the pool.

    It protects the pool liner from grass and sharp objects.

    Something else you’ll need to buy yourself is a filter pump. You can use any pool filter pump, even one from Intex.

    We particularly like IntexKrystal Clear filter pumps. We recommend the 2100 GPH one.

    Another accessory you may want to add to your shopping list is a pool cover. It’ll make maintenance much easier by keeping leaves and debris out of the water when the pool is not in use.

    Also, consider if you’d like a ladder for easy access in and out of the pool.

    With all these extra accessories, the Bestway Steel Pro pool doesn’t look so pocket-friendly now, does it?




    If you are looking for a bigger Bestway above ground pool, we recommend the 18ft long rectangular steel frame pool.

    Unlike most other Bestway pools, this one comes fully loaded with all the accessories you need, including a ground cloth and pool cover. So the price is a bit on the higher side.

    The 48” depth makes this more than just a wading pool. You can enjoy a good swim.


    This is a metal frame pool. There’s the usual Tri-Tech material consisting of two PVC layers sandwiching a polyester mesh and a steel frame with a corrosion-resistant coating.

    When combined, the two components make for a sturdy and long-lasting pool.

    Beyond the build quality, we love the aesthetics of the pool. The contemporary ash gray finish looks great in the backyard.

    Set-Up ​

    Let’s start with the accessories you should expect along with the pool liner and metal frame.

    Full assembly takes about an hour, less if you have someone to help you. The most important step is to find a level ground.

    If your lawn slopes slightly, you may have to level a small area with sand or prepare a concrete pad.






    Looking for an extra-large Bestway above ground pool that you can comfortably swim in?

    We recommend the 26ft wide Steel Pro round frame pool. At 52”, you can swim in the pool rather than just wading and splashing.

    It’s big enough, even for larger families.

    It comes complete with all the accessories you need, including a ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth.


    The liner is the same one Bestway uses in most of their pools – a 3-part material consisting of two PVC layer and a polyester mesh in the middle.

    The steel frame has a corrosion-resistant coating to prevent rusting.

    Both the liner and the steel frame have a modern gray finish that looks great in the backyard. A white band running around the pool contrasts the minimalist finish.

    The band provides extra rigidity and holds the frame in place.

    Set-Up ​

    Because of its size, the Bestway Steel Pro pool takes a bit longer to set up compared to smaller steel frame pools.

    Make sure you have someone to help you with the lifting and assembly.

    You don’t need any tools. The metal parts interlock easily to form a secure frame.

    As I mentioned, the pool comes with all the accessories you need, including a pool cover, ground cloth, a sand filter pump, a ladder, and a maintenance kit.




    FAQs on Bestway Above Ground Pools

    above ground pool cost

    Are Bestway above-ground pools any good?

    Of course, there’s a difference in quality among various price points. But generally, Bestway above ground pools are good quality and designed to last long.

    The quality is comparable to that of Intex pools.

    How long will a Bestway above ground pool last?

    It depends on the construction of the pool and how well you maintain it.

    Their inflatable pools last for 2-4 years while their steel-framed pools can last as long as ten years with proper care.

    Do I need a pro to set up a Bestway pool?

    No. Most Bestway above ground pools is designed for easy DIY installation. You don’t need any tools to assemble their pools.

    Can I set up a Bestway pool on concrete?

    Yes, you can.

    Normally, a flat area on your lawn is perfect for a Bestway pool. But if you can’t find a level area or you don’t want a patch of dead grass come winter, you can set the pool up on a concrete pad.

    How do I drain a Bestway above ground pool?

    Locate the drain plug somewhere near the bottom of the pool. The plug contains a flow control valve that allows you to hook up a garden hose and drain the water away from the lawn.

    Are Bestway pools compatible with saltwater systems?

    Yes, you can use a saltwater system with your Bestway pool if you’d rather not add chlorine. But note that the metal parts may rust a bit sooner in some places.

    But you can take care of this with some corrosion-resistant spray paint.