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Best Smart Pool Monitoring System 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Shopping for a smart pool monitor? We have you covered.

If you own a swimming pool, you know that you need to sanitize the water to kill harmful bacteria and algae. However, you can’t know the amount of chemicals you need to add to make sure the water is safe for swimming.

And while liquid and strips tests can serve the purpose, they’re really a hassle to do daily. This is where smart pool monitoring systems come in. They are not only quick to produce results, but they are also easy to use.

Who Needs Smart Pool Monitors?

Simply put, if you have a pool, you need a smart pool monitor. 

In particular, if you need to monitor or regularly maintain an aquatic center or a commercial swimming pool, a smart pool monitoring system makes for a great choice.

These systems are ideal for larger pools, spas, or any other public place with a pool that gets a lot of visitors on a regular basis. They typically have sensors and chemical controllers that they use to adjust the levels of different chemicals like chlorine.  

With a smart pool monitoring system, you won’t need to constantly test and maintain the pool. So, it can help to reduce the hassle involved in operating a spa or a large public pool. 

What's In This Buying Guide

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    In this guide, we cover every important aspect you should know when it comes to smart pool monitoring systems. We discuss what these devices exactly are and how they work, how you can ensure you buy a worthy product, and what their benefits and drawbacks are.

    We’ve also reviewed some of the top smart pool monitoring systems in detail that you should definitely check out.

    Finally, we answer a few commonly asked questions related to these systems so that you know what to expect from your purchase.  

    Best Smart Pool Monitors

    pool monitoring
    • WaterGuru Sense

    • Most Convenient
    • Compatible with
      Salt and chlorine pools

    • Tests for
      Flow, free chlorine, temperature, pH

    pool monitoring
    • pHin Smart Water Monitor

    • Easiest to Use
    • Compatible with
      Salt, chlorine, bromine pools

    • Tests for
      ORP, total hardness, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid

    automatic pool chemical tester
    • PoolSense Smart Pool Monitor

    • Most Hassle-Free
    • Compatible with

    • Tests for
      pH, temperature, ORP

    automatic pool chemical tester
    • Sutro Pool Maintenance System

    • Best for Chemistry Control
    • Compatible with
      Salt, chlorine, bromine pools

    • Tests for
      pH, bromine, free chlorine, temperature, total alkalinity

    pool chemical monitor
    • EcO Pool Monitor

    • Smallest Pool Monitor
    • Compatible with

    • Tests for
      alkalinity, water hardness, and cyanuric acid

    Best Smart Pool Monitors

    One of the best smart pool monitoring systems we’ve come across is the WaterGuru Sense. It is a compact device that fits right inside the pool skimmer and analyzes the level of pH, chlorine, and other chemicals in real-time, making your pool care routine simple and easy.  

    The Sense is a battery-powered device that works with any 8-10-inch pool skimmer. It efficiently keeps track of your pool water’s chemistry, so you don’t have to deal with the huddle of daily testing.

    You can pair up WaterGuru Sense with either your tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS. Once you pair up the app, the app will give you step-by-step instructions on how you can take care of your pool.

    What makes WaterGuru Sense different from others is how it works. Other pool care products float on the surface of the water. This means you get an inaccurate reading of the water chemistry. 

    However, the Sense goes near the water pump and uses replaceable chemistry pads to provide you with an accurate reading. So, just power up the WaterGuru Sense when your pool’s pump is running and find details of everything like chlorine, pH, water temperature, and flow rates.

    All in all, with the app, you get a one-year warranty, premium customer support, free in-app dosing device, along with free lab-grade analysis. 



    The pHin smart water monitor left us quite impressed. It comes with an app that measures pH levels, sanitizer, and temperature more than a thousand times a week. It analyzes the data and then provides recommendations based on the tests conducted. 

    This monitor is quite versatile since you can use it for your spa, hot tub, or pool, whether it is saltwater, bromine or chlorine-based. 

    The device also prompts you to do a test strip to determine the total alkalinity, hardness, and cyanuric acid levels in the water. 

    The app then formulates a detailed report along with the actions you should take next. You also get dosing recommendations and the chemicals you need to add, so there’s no guesswork involved when it comes to caring for your pool.

    The best thing about this monitor is that understanding the results is very easy. The app shows color-coded discs to depict the health of your water. You can get the app for both iOS and Android devices. 

    You also get one free year of monitoring with the pHin, adding great value to your money. With the monitoring service, you get water history charts, important alerts, shareable water data in case you want to order new chemicals online, easy chemical dosing directions, and unlimited monitor replacement. 



    The PoolSense unit monitors your water quality at regular 105-minute intervals throughout the day. It analyzes the data and then sends daily alerts to your smartphone at 6 pm to inform you of the quality of water and the chemicals you need to add to keep the water clean.

    What makes this smart monitor one of the best is how easy and hassle-free it makes to care for your pool. Since it is a smart device, it learns about your pool and increases the time between the intervals.

    Let’s talk more about the app. It sends smart notifications daily, so you can rest assured your pool is in good hands. For instance, if the water test results suggest that your pool needs more chlorine, then you will see a notification stating that you need to add a cup of chlorine.  

    With these micro-doses, you can keep the pool water healthy and balanced and ensure that no algae or bacteria thrive in the water. 

    With this device, there’s no installation involved. You just have to drop the device in the pool, tub, or spa and then complete the setup process via the app. The device also comes with a 2-year lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about taking it out and charging it every few days. 

    Lastly, the PoolSense pool monitor uses low power WAN technology, so you can get complete coverage of your pool’s quality anywhere you are. 



    Like the other units listed above, the Sutro pool monitor floats in your spa, tub, or pool and efficiently tests the water. 

    What makes the Sutro monitor unique is that the process it uses is the same as that involved with traditional drop test kits. The chemicals used with this device come from LaMotte, a brand known to be an expert in water testing for more than a century.

    The Sutro maintenance system works differently than traditional smart monitoring systems. Once the device tests the alkalinity, free chlorine, and pH, it then sends the results to the company’s hub using a sub-GHz link. 

    Then, using your Wi-Fi, the hub connects to Sutro’s servers so that the company can determine the chemicals you should add to the pool. All the resulting recommendations only include chemicals that you’re comfortable using. 

    The smart monitor also comes with a mobile app. So, you easily monitor the chemical levels in your pool from the app. This monitoring makes sure you are well-informed before things go astray.  

    All in all, with the Sutro smart pool maintenance system, you will know the chemicals you need and when you need them. This will ensure that your pool or spa water is safe to use at all times.



    Another pool monitor worth checking out is the EcO pool monitor. It has a bunch of features that make it a great investment.

    For instance, the EcO monitor is self-contained. It has a long battery life and consumes very little energy, so you won’t have to worry about recharging or replacing the battery for a long while.

    The device is also discreet, and this is no surprise, given the fact that it measures 8.66 inches and weighs only around 5 ounces. So, it is not only the smallest pool assistance, but it will also work with any pool.

    The monitor connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sends the analysis directly to your device. So, you will be able to see the status of the pool as soon as you launch the app.

    With the EcO monitor, you don’t have to worry about the installation either. You just have to place the probe in the water like you would add a pool thermometer. Alternatively, you can put the EcO in the skimmer.

    Like other monitors, this one monitors the pool 24/7, too. It checks the water quality multiple times a day, so you don’t have to. Plus, if there’s any problem, it is identified in time because of the top-notch state-of-the-art probes. 

    For further convenience, you can get the app too. Once you download the app and get started, you have to describe the pool, like the accessories, dimensions, and locations. The app uses an intelligence engine that provides customized tips based on your pool.

    The app simplifies water monitoring. The dashboard clearly states whether the water is safe for swimming. Plus, the app will alert you as soon as treatment is needed. And once you start with the treatment, the app guides you step-by-step about what to do for safety and efficiency. 

    The thing we love most about the app is that it also accounts for your family and friends. So, if you’re not the only one using the pool, your family and friends can see the status of the pool via the app. You just need to share it with them, and they’ll have complete access to the information. 

    Plus, you can have control over what they can do. For instance, you can give them access to consultation only, or you can allow them to go ahead with the treatments too.  



    Smart Pool Monitor Buying Guide

    pool chemical monitoring system

    What Are Smart Pool Monitors, and How do they Work?

    Balancing chemicals in your swimming pool, especially if it’s a large one, is a hassle. While it is important to balance the different chemicals in the water, it can be tiring to do so, especially if you use a strip or a reagent test. 

    This is where smart pool monitors come in handy; they can test the water for you! These devices connect to your phone via Bluetooth while also connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi. They constantly test the water and inform you when you need to treat your pool with chemicals

    In addition to that, they inform you of the amount of chemical you need to add, taking the guesswork out of maintaining a pool. 

    Smart pool monitoring systems use wireless technology and water quality sensors to accurately monitor the water quality. Once they detect low chemical levels, they send a notification to the user’s smartphone.

    What to look for in a pool monitoring system

    It’s important that you get the right pool monitoring system. Even a little inaccuracy in your pool water’s chemical levels can be quite harmful.  

    To ensure that doesn’t happen, make sure to look out for the following:


    When choosing a smart pool monitoring system, the last thing you want to compromise on is the accuracy in both presentation and measurement. 

    An accurate meter that gives generalities or vague results is as useful as a basic water test strip. Instead, the pool monitoring system should show the results in numbers, down to the decimal points.

    With detailed results, you can make the exact adjustments to your pool water. It’s no secret that pool chemicals are expensive, and smaller, accurate adjustments can help save a lot of money. But this is only possible if you have a monitoring system that provides all the details. 

    pH Measuring Range

    pool chemical monitor

    It’s important for your pool water to have a balanced pH. Both low and high pH can be quite damaging. While high pH can cause scaling and reduce the life of your liner quickly, low pH can cause corrosion on your pool equipment and pool surface. 

    Plus, low pH means the water is acidic, which can be uncomfortable and often harmful to the nasal cavities. It can also cause the eye to sting and the skin to feel itchy, dry, and brittle. Keeping the pH within the recommended limits can ensure everyone using the pool is comfortable and safe. 

    For this reason, you need to ensure that the pool monitoring system has an accurate pH measuring range. A pH of 7.2 is quite different from a pH of 7.6, and it’s important you know the correct decimal point to determine the changes you need to make.


    Another essential feature to have is a digital readout. 

    Older kits used to come with test strips that users had to visually compare to a color chart to figure out the chemical levels. However, visual comparisons are often inaccurate and subjective, which translates to imbalanced pool water

    With a digital readout, you don’t have to worry about making comparisons – you directly get the reading of the chemicals. 

    Screen & Display

    If you can’t see the numbers on the screen clearly, then the smart pool monitoring system is of no use. The screen must be large enough so that it is easy to read. Plus, chances are, you’re going to be using the monitoring system under the sun, so it should have a backlit display so you can see the numbers. 

    Water resistance

    A good pool monitoring system must be water-resistant, rugged, and capable of withstanding drops. Being around water, there are chances of the monitoring system slipping from your hand, so it needs to be durable. 

    A system that breaks after the first drop will make for wasted investment.

    Battery Life

    Digital pool test kits work on battery power, but they often don’t have rechargeable ones, which means the battery will die out after a few months of use, and you’ll have to get new ones.

    To save money in the long run, we recommend getting rechargeable batteries to power up the pool tester. 

    Pros and cons

    As we’ve mentioned earlier, the primary benefit of getting a smart pool monitoring system is accuracy. You get spot-on results, and the error margin is very small – 1% in nearly all cases. You cannot get this accuracy with other tests like liquid reagent tests. 

    Apart from that, smart pool monitoring systems are easy to use and quite easy to read, too. 

    On the other hand, they are quite expensive and can be a wasted investment if you need a tester for just a small backyard pool. Plus, you will have to calibrate the system periodically. 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Which one is better to use a wireless monitoring system or with a wire?

    Both have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you which one you find better. In the case of a wired system, mobility is limited. You need to find a power socket nearby, and you will have to fix the system in one place.

    On the other hand, you can move a wireless monitoring system around easily, but it won’t be of much use once the battery runs out. 

    What are some other pool automation technologies for low cost?

    Many pool automation technologies have been introduced recently. 

    One of the most common ones is the one-touch panel that can easily control and automate your pool. You can add these panels to both existing and new pools, and they will control the spa, light, pump, and other systems of your pool. 

    With these automation panels, you can also set the temperature so that the water is at the ideal temperature when you go for a swim. One-touch panels typically come with a remote control, allowing you to control them from throughout your house.

    Another low-cost automation technology is smart pool switches. These are installed in the pool and allow the lighting to be set on a timer, or you can control them via a smartphone application. 

    Smart pool switches allow you to be energy-efficient since you can just turn on the lights when you need them and have them automatically turn off as soon as it’s bright enough.

    You can also control your pool’s heater and cover with a smart pool switch; you can program the switches to turn off the heater when it is warm outside. This way, you won’t have to continuously monitor the pool temperature. 

    Final Verdict: What is the best smart pool monitor and why?

    All the pool monitoring systems on the list are great for one purpose or the other. 

    For instance, if you want to share your pool data with your family and friends, you should opt for the EcO pool monitor. Meanwhile, if you want detailed chemistry reports about your pool, you should opt for the Sutro pool maintenance system.