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Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Pentair GW9500 KreepyKrauly Great White

The KreepyKrauly Great White is an excellent choice if you are looking for a suction pool cleaner that will scrub and vacuum your pool thoroughly.

Unlike most suction pool vacuums, the KreepyKrauly Great White has bristles that dislodge stubborn dirt. So you don’t need to brush your pool manually – the cleaner does everything for you.

It’s a bit more expensive than most suction pool cleaners, but most customers agree it’s worth it.

Read on for our full review.

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Product Specifications


Best Features

1. Scrubs and Vacuums

Most suction pool cleaners clean only by vacuuming. They pick up loose debris floating in the water and on pool surfaces but leave stuck dirt and grime behind.

The KreepyKrauly Great White saves you the trouble of manually brushing your pool.

Bristles underneath the cleaner loosens stubborn dirt, making it easier for the cleaner’s suction to pick it up.

This duo scrubbing and vacuuming action are especially useful for pools that are susceptible to algae.

2. Wide Cleaning Path

The Great White cuts a wide 15” cleaning path across the pool floor and walls. This has two big advantages.

One, it allows the cleaner to cover the entire pool in less time and cleans a wider area as it goes and picks up more debris.

Two, it reduces the chances of leaving uncleaned spots.

3. Pre-Programmed Steering

The KreepyKrauly Great White doesn’t move in a random pattern, hoping to cover the entire pool. That would waste a lot of time and leave missed spots.

Instead, it navigates based on pre-programmed turning patterns. It turns to the left or right after a set distance.

4. UniDapt Telescopic Pole Adapter

The Great White does a pretty good job covering most of the pool. It’ll scrub and vacuum the floor, cove, and walls.

But it often struggles with steps and can miss certain areas like the corners.

This is where the telescopic pole adapter comes in handy. Use it to attach a telescopic pole and manually direct the cleaner where you want it to scrub and vacuum.

Issues & Limitations

The KreepyKrauly will clean your pool floor and walls but will most likely not vacuum your pool steps. This is a common problem with automatic pool cleaners – even robotic cleaners – so it’s not surprising.

Luckily, you can use the telescopic pole adapter to spot clean the steps.

Assembly Instructions

If you’ve installed a suction pool cleaner before, the process is similar for the KreepyKrauly Great White.

First, skim your pool to remove large pieces of debris. While the Great White picks up larger debris than most suction pool cleaners, removing leaves and acorns will improve its mobility and cleaning performance.

Assemble the hose by connecting the hose lengths to the leader hose (it’ll be clearly marked). With the cleaner underwater, connect the leader hose to it and then lower the hose slowly to release air.

Once the cleaner is at the bottom, and most of the hose is in the water, connect the other end of the hose to your skimmer or dedicated vacuum port.

Depending on how well the cleaner moves, you may need to adjust your pool’s flow rate using a flow gauge.

Our Bottom Line


The Pentair KreepyKrauly Great White is a great choice for in-ground pool owners looking for a reliable suction pool cleaner that will scrub and vacuum their pool.

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