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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool In South Florida?

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

Building a swimming pool is one of the most popular projects homeowners undertake in South Florida.

However, building a pool requires careful consideration and planning because is one of the most expensive projects you can undertake.

But there are ways to save money on building a pool. 

Before you begin construction, there are several factors to consider. These include the size of the pool, the location of the pool, and the materials used to construct the pool.

Let’s walk through the basic elements, then discuss your cost options.

Size of the Pool

The first thing to determine is the size of the pool. If you plan to swim laps, then you should choose a pool that has a minimum depth of six feet. This allows swimmers to dive into the water without hitting their heads.

Location of the Pool

Next, you need to decide where you would like to place the pool. Is it on a sloped lot (unlikely in South Florida) or near a high water table?

Once you’ve decided on the location, you need to think about the surrounding area. Will you need to install fencing? What kind of landscaping will you need? How close will neighbors be to the pool?

Material Used to Construct the Pool

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

Finally, you need to decide what type of material you’d like to use to construct the pool. There are two basic types of inground pools: concrete and fiberglass.

Concrete pools are typically made out of poured concrete. They’re durable and require little maintenance.

Fiberglass pools are constructed using a special resin that’s applied to a fiberglass shell. The result is a lightweight, flexible pool that requires minimal upkeep.

When choosing between these two options, consider the following:

Concrete Pools – Concrete pools are generally more expensive than fiberglass pools. However, they last longer and require less maintenance.

Fiberglass Pools – Fiberglass pools are lighter and easier to move around. They’re also cheaper than concrete pools.

Costs Associated With Building a Pool

Depending on the size of the pool and the materials used, the costs associated with building a pool vary widely.

For example, installing a fiberglass pool in South Florida can range anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. On the other hand, a concrete pool can run anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

Regardless of the price tag, owning a pool is a project that many people enjoy. It’s a way to relax after a busy day, and it provides a wonderful focal point for outdoor living spaces.

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Pool in South Florida - By Type Of Pool

Concrete Pools Cost

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

One advantage of concrete pools over fiberglass ones is that they cost less. While concrete pools often cost $50,000 or more in South Florida, fiberglass pools start at just $20,000.

However, this doesn’t mean that concrete pools are always better. Some homeowners find them too costly to run or too difficult to keep clean.

Fiberglass Costs

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

On the other hand, fiberglass pools have some advantages over concrete pools. First, they weigh significantly less than concrete pools. 

Another benefit of fiberglass pools is that they’re easy to clean. Unlike concrete pools, which tend to collect dirt and grime, fiberglass pools tend to remain more stain-free, for longer.

Vinyl Pools Cost

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

If you want something even less expensive than a concrete or fiberglass pool, then vinyl might be right for you.

Vinyl-lined pools are very similar to fiberglass pools. They’re light and easy to move. But they’re not as durable as concrete pools.

They’re also relatively inexpensive. Depending on the size of your pool, you could spend as little as $8,000.

Pool Decking Cost

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

The deck surrounding your pool is an important part of any backyard oasis. Whether you choose concrete, stone, wood, or composite it will add value to your home.

A wooden deck adds character to your property. Composite decks are usually built from recycled plastic. Concrete decks are the most popular and affordable option, and they are sturdy and long-lasting. 

Paver and stone brick decks are arguably the best looking, but installation is tricky and cleaning them is more complex.

Wooden Decks Cost

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

A wooden deck can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. If you opt for a composite deck, expect to pay about half that amount. 

For a concrete pool deck, your pool installer will likely take care of the pour as part of their pool installation. Cost depends totally on the number of square feet you need covered. Expect to pay $3,000 – $8,000 for most patio-style South Florida homes.

Pool Heating Costs

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

Whether you use solar heating or electric heaters, pool heating systems are expensive. Thankfully, in South Florida we don’t really need them.  But some people buy them anyway, and turn them on during the 3-4 months of “Florida cool” weather.

Solar Pool Heaters Cost

Solar pool heaters work by absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat. The most common type of heater uses tubes filled with hot water.

These tubes are placed near the bottom of the pool. As the sun heats the water inside the tubes, the water rises through the tubes and circulates throughout the pool.

Electric Pool Heaters Cost

An electric heater works similarly to a solar heater. Instead of using tubes, however, electric heaters use coils of wire. The coils are submerged in the water. When electricity passes through the wires, the current creates heat.

Pool Cover Cost

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

There are many different types of covers available. For example, you can get a floating cover, a retractable cover, or a combination of both. Floating covers stay above the surface of the water. Retractable covers pop out when needed. Combination covers offer both features.

Floating covers start at around $1,200. A combination cover starts at around $3,000. While these prices seem high, remember that you’ll need one every year.

Pool Cleaning Costs

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

There’s no denying that swimming pools require maintenance.

After all, they’re usually full of some amount of sand, dirt, sunblock, algae and germs. Fortunately, cleaning costs can be manageable if you do it yourself. And it’s really not that hard to do.

There are two main methods of pool cleaning: chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning.

Chemical cleaners rely on chemicals to kill bacteria and clean the pool.

Mechanical cleaners use brushes and vacuums to remove dirt and debris. Automatic pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners are the most popular types sold today.  Both are basically hands-off cleaning machines that only need to be emptied every week or so.

If you want someone else to clean your pool about once a week, you can hire a professional pool service company. Expect to pay around $50-$75 per visit.

Pool Accessories Costs

how much does it cost to build a pool in south florida

While you’re building your dream home, don’t forget to include pool accessories. The best way to make sure that everything goes smoothly is to itemize your accessories before construction begins.

For example, you may want to install a separate automatic pool cleaner pump. You could even add an automatic chlorinator if you plan on adding chlorine to the water. 

There are also digital water testers that will report your pool chemistry automatically and tell you when and how much of each chemical to add.

Pump And Filter System Cost

A pump and filter system will cost about $2,500. 

Pool Light Cost

You might also want to invest in a pool light. Lights help illuminate the area under the water. This makes it easier for swimmers to see what’s going on.

Pool lights start at around $400.

Spa Cost

You may also want to look into purchasing a spa. Spas are great because they allow you to relax while enjoying the benefits of a heated pool.

Spas start at around $5,000.

If you’d like to have a hot tub as well, expect to spend anywhere from $10,000-$15,000.


Q: What is the best way to clean my pool?

A: There are several ways to clean your pool. Some people prefer to do it themselves while others hire professionals.

Q: How much does it cost to build a pool?

A: Building an inexpensive fiberglass pool usually costs between $10,000 and $30,000. This includes everything from buying materials to hiring contractors.

Q: How long does it take to install a pool?

A: Depending on how big your pool is, installation time varies. Most inground pool installations take at least a month, sometimes many more if the design is complex.

Q: How do I know if I need a pool cover?

A: If you live in Florida, you may not need a pool cover.  That said, if your pool is under trees and you travel out of town a lot, then buy one.

Q: Do I really need a pool heater?

A: Not in South Florida. That said, if you really need to swim in March, then go for it.

Q: How often should I clean my pool?

A: Cleaning your pool depends on the type of material used to construct it. For instance, concrete pools must be cleaned more frequently than fiberglass ones. And the type of brushes used need to be appropriate for the material or you could scratch the surface.

Q: Can I save money by building the pool myself?

A: While you can certainly save some money by doing it yourself, it’s not recommended. Most DIY projects require extensive knowledge of plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry, etc.

Q: Where can I find information on pool construction?

A: Check out our website for all the information you’ll need.

Q: How far away from my home will my pool be?

A: The distance between your home and the pool will depend on where you choose to place it.

Q: Is it safe to use chemicals in my pool?

A : As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, using chemicals in your pool is perfectly fine & recommended.

Q: How old does a pool need to be before it needs to be replaced?

A: Your pool should last 20 years or longer. However, if you notice cracks in the walls or floors, leaks in the skimmer basket, or other problems, it may be time to replace your pool.

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