Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro

The Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro is one of the highest-rated suction pool cleaners.

It’s bit more expensive than most of the suction side pool cleaners but offers better coverage and cleaning performance.

The 925ADC Navigator Pro is an excellent wall climber and can handle different pool shapes.

It’s super easy to set up. Everything you need is included.

Read on for our full review.

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Product Specifications


Best Features

1. SmartDrive programmed steering

While not quite as advanced as the smart navigation programs used in robotic pool cleaners, SmartDrive significantly improves the Navigator Pro’s cleaning performance and coverage.

Instead of moving randomly, the cleaner takes a series of pre-programmed left and right turns.

SmartDrive ensures the cleaner covers all parts of the pool, including the cove, corners, floor, and walls, without missing any spots or spending too much time.

It also prevents the hose from tangling.

2. Powerful and Constant Suction

The Hayward Navigator Pro generates powerful suction without requiring a booster pump. It uses wings on both sides of the pool cleaner to pick up debris.

The wings and skirt are designed to maintain suction power when the cleaner is picking up larger pieces of debris and when it goes over an uneven surface such as the drain.

3. Silent Cleaning

Many suction pool cleaners produce an annoying thump-thump noise as they clean. It gets worse when they get close to the pool surface.

The Navigator Pro works so silently that you won’t realize it’s cleaning until you are right by the pool.

The silent operation is thanks to a turbine-drive system that works smoothly and noiselessly.

4. Good Build Quality

The Hayward Navigator Pro doesn’t have many complicated and moving parts like a robotic cleaner. It’s much easier – and cheaper – to maintain.

It’s also designed to last for years. All parts are built with high-quality materials that don’t wear quickly.

A good number of customers leaving reviews on Amazon say they’ve had theirs for around five years before they replaced it with another Navigator.

Issues & Concerns

The main problem most users have with the Navigator Pro is that it struggles to with picking up large debris like leaves and acorns.

The vacuum port gets clogged easily, which prevents the cleaner from moving and collecting more debris.

This can be especially problematic if your pool is located near trees. You’ll need to skim the pool before you drop the pool cleaner into the water.

Other than that, it works almost flawlessly. It’ll sometimes get stuck but always frees itself. There’s no need for you to babysit it.

Assembly Instructions

The Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro takes about 10 minutes to set up.

Start by skimming the pool to get rid of large debris.

Identify the leader hose (it’ll be marked with a red sticker on the cuff) and connect the other hose lengths to it.

In the end, you should have a 40’ hose, which gives the cleaner enough reach to clean a standard 32’ by 16’ in-ground swimming pool.

Submerge the hose in the water and connect the flow gauge to the leader hose. Make sure the flow gauge is underwater.

Turn on the filter pump and connect the other end of the hose to your pool’s skimmer or suction port. Then check the flow gauge.

The indicator on the gauge should be between the minimum and maximum markings. Adjust water flow, if necessary.

The right water flow ensures the cleaner moves at the right speed – not too fast or too slow – and can go up the pool wall. If the reading is beyond the max mark, you’ll need to buy and install a regulator valve.

Turn off the filter pump and remove the flow gauge when you get the right reading.

Submerge the cleaner in water and attach the leader hose to it (while keeping both underwaters). Turn on the pump and observe the cleaner’s movements for a few minutes.

If it seems to have trouble moving, remove it, and adjust the dial at the rear. It should be set to the ‘2’ position.

Our Bottom Line


The Hayward 925ADC Navigator Pro is a great choice for any pool owner looking for a reliable and durable suction pool cleaner.

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