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Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 is one of those suction pool cleaners that use a finned disc to generate suction and pick up debris from the pool.

It’s a simple design that improves durability (there’s only one moving part) while delivering a good cleaning.

The G3 cleans well even with a low-speed pool pump. So you don’t need to install a booster pump or upgrade your existing pump.

Read on for our full review.

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Product Specifications


Best Features

1. Full Pool Coverage

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 will coverall parts of the pool, including the steps, floor, and walls.

However, it may not be able to get to the last one or two steps at the very top, a limitation common in most automatic pool cleaners, even robotic ones.

To get it to climb the wall without any problem, make sure you’ve correctly adjusted your pool’s flow rate.

Use the included flow meter to check and adjust the water flow.

Note that the G3 doesn’t scrub the pool. It has no sweeper tail or bristles. Now and then, you must brush the pool to loosen accumulated grime and algae. The cleaner will then vacuum it.

2. Works with Low HP Pumps

While suction pool cleaners generally play well with most pool pumps, some don’t work correctly if the pump is too weak.

The Baracuda G3 is designed to work with virtually any pool pump. Even if you have a low horsepower pump, you don’t need to buy a booster pump.

The G3 has a FlowKeeper Valve that regulates water flow to maintain constant suction.

3. Wheel Deflector Keeps the Cleaner Moving

The Baracuda G3 can navigate tight corners and pass through tricky areas such as over the drain without getting stuck.

wheel deflector keeps the cleaner from getting stuck in areas that often trip most suction vacuums.

So you don’t have to spend your precious time babysitting the cleaner to make sure it stays moving. Just set it up and go about your day.

If you have a dedicated vacuum port, you can even leave it permanently in the water, removing it when you are swimming or adding chemicals.

4. One Moving Part

The Baracuda G3 is designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

It has just one moving part, the diaphragm, which reduces the chances of the cleaner breaking down.

Issues & Concerns

The Baracuda G3 is a great pool cleaner all round. But it can be a headache to set up. The included instructions are inadequate, especially if this is your first suction cleaner.

If you’ve used a suction pool cleaner before, installing the G3 is more or less the same process.

If this is your first one, look for a few YouTube videos to guide you along.

May be Zodiac shouldn’t be forcing their customers to go through all this trouble to install their pool cleaner.

Assembly Instructions

Before using the G3, brush the pool floor and walls to loosen stubborn dirt. The Baracuda G3 only vacuums, it doesn’t scrub.

Also, skim any large debris such as leaves and acorns out of the pool. These can easily block the cleaner’s diaphragm, preventing the cleaner from moving and picking up debris.

To prepare the cleaner, first, attach the finned disc and wheel deflector.

Next, attach the leader hose to the cleaner and dunk both under the water to remove air. Attach the remaining hose lengths while keeping the hose underwater.

Finish by attaching the other end of the assembled hose into the skimmer or a dedicated suction port.

Note: Depending on how the pool cleaner moves, you may need to adjust water flow using the included flow gauge.

Our Bottom Line


The Zodiac Baracuda G3 is a great choice for in-ground pool owners looking for an affordable suction pool cleaner that cleans well and lasts long.

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