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Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Pros, Cons & Bottom Line

Polaris F9550

The Polaris F9550 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner that provides full pool cleaning up to the waterline.

Among robotic pool vacuums, the Polaris F9550 is one of the best wall climbers. It’s equipped with 4-wheel drive mobility, high-traction wheels, and smart navigation.

These are complemented by a rear jet propulsion system that provides extra thrust when the robot is going up the wall.

The F9550 is pricey though, costing about the same as high-end Dolphin models. But it’s worth it if you are looking for a robotic cleaner that will leave your pool floor, walls and waterline sparkling clean.



Product Specifications


Best Features

1. ActivMotion Sensor Technology

ActivMotion is the smart pool scanning system used in the Polaris F9550. It scans the pool to determine layout and calculate the best cleaning path.

It also increases efficiency by ensuring the robot doesn’t clean the same areas repeatedly.

ActivMotion allows the robot cleaner to clean any pool shape, including irregularly shaped pools, without missing any areas.

2. 4-Wheel Drive

A powerful 4-wheel drive system allows the F9550 to cover every part of the pool without getting stuck. It drives over drains, goes up the wall, and reaches up to the waterline.

The high-traction Aqua-Trax tires combined with the 4-wheel drive system give the F9550 better mobility and wall climbing ability than most robot pool vacuums.

3. Oscillating Brushes and Vortex Vacuum Technology

For the actual cleaning, the Polaris F9550 uses a 2-step process.

Oscillating brushes under the robot dislodge algae, dirt, and biofilm on the pool lining. Because the F9550 has no problem climbing walls, it also scrubs the walls and waterline.

The onboard vacuum then sucks the debris into the filter canister.

The vacuum uses Vortex Vacuum Technology to pick up large debris like leaves and acorns without losing suction.

4. Rear Water Propulsion

The Polaris F9550 uses a combination of wheel-drive and jet-drive to move around the pool. The rear water jet is especially handy for climbing the wall.

But it’s not just for mobility. The F9550 also uses it to stir up dirt in hard-to-reach areas such as corners and under the stairs. This makes it easier for the vacuum to pick it up.

5. Large Filter Canister with Full Indicator

The top-loading canister holds a lot of debris. Unless the pool is filthy, you won’t need to empty it midway through.If the canister needs to be emptied, an indicator will light up on the power unit.Note: Even if the full indicator doesn’t light up, you should still empty and clean the canister after every cleaning.The canister is easily accessible from the top, and unlike filter bags, it takes just a few seconds to clean out the trapped debris.The only limitation with the filtration system is that it doesn’t trap ultra-fine debris like silt and sand. For that, you’ll have to buy the Polaris Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter canister.

6. Easy Lift System

The Easy Lift System is one of the best features in the Polaris F9550 and one you won’t find in a Dolphin or Aquabot.

In most robotic pool cleaners, you have to pull the robot by the cable until it gets to the surface then you lift it out.

With the Polaris F9550, you just press the Easy Lift button on the remote control and the robot surfaces on its own, so you can easily lift it.

As you lift the cleaner, it automatically evacuates water in the filter to reduce weight and make it easier to handle.

For added convenience, the F9550 also comes with a caddy. So you don’t need to carry the cleaner by hand.

7. Weekly Scheduler and Programmable Cycles

As with most robot pool cleaners, you can program a weekly auto-cleaning schedule.

You can also select your preferred cleaning mode. Options include floor only, floor and wall, waterline only and custom.

Issues & Concerns

No Ultra-fine Filter

The Polaris F9550 does a great job picking up leaves, small rocks, and other relatively large debris but often misses sand and silt.

That’s because it lacks an ultra-fine filter, which is very important for every day cleaning. You have to buy it separately.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Robotic Pool Cleaners

How long is the warranty on the Polaris F9550?

Two years.

Does the Polaris F9550 come with a remote control?

Yes, it does. It also comes with a caddy for storing and transporting the robot cleaner and power supply.

Does the Polaris F9550 come with a swivel cable?

Yes, it does.

Our Bottom Line


Though pricey, the Polaris F9550 robotic pool cleaner is well worth it. We particularly like its wall-climbing ability and the convenient Easy Lift System.

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