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Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Universal Suction Side Pool Cleaner Review

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly

Kreepy Krauly cleaners are known for their dependability and longevity.

While the Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly seems to have a shorter lifespan than older models, it’s still one of the most reliable suction-side cleaners for pool owners.

This particular model is designed for in-ground pools. It provides full coverage from the floor to the waterline.

Read on for our full review.

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Product Specifications


Best Features

1. Directional System Provides Full Coverage

KreepyKrauly will clean almost every inch of your in-ground pool, not just the floor. It uses a dive float directional guidance system to cover the floor, walls, and waterline in a random pattern.

You do have to make some adjustments to ensure the cleaner goes up the wall.

2. Automatic Valve to Control Cleaning Speed

When it comes to cleaning performance, faster is not always better. If the automatic cleaner moves too fast, it can miss spots or leave some debris behind.

The Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly uses an automatic regulator valve to control water flow to ensure it doesn’t move too fast.

This ensures thorough cleaning.

3. Simple ‘One Moving Part’ Design

Many of the customers buying this updated KreepyKrauly are replacing an older KreepyKrauly they’ve heard for years.

KreepyKraulys are known for their durability, and this one is no different. It has a few build quality issues, but you are still guaranteed to get several of service out of it.

The secret to the longevity and reliability of KreepyKrauly cleaners is their utterly simple design. They don’t contain wheels, chains, gears, or drive motors.

Instead, they rely on just one moving the part to clean the pool. So even if it fails, you only need to replace one part.

4. Picks Up Most Debris

The Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly generates enough suction power to pick up most of the debris in the water, both large and small.It also picks up some of the stubborn debris and algae stuck on the pool surface. But since it lacks a brush, it won’t get all of it. We recommend occasionally brushing the pool manually.KreepKrauly doesn’t have its own filter bag. All the collected debris is directed towards your pool’s skimmer basket and filter.To avoid overloading your filter, get a leaf trap. It catches leaves, acorns, and other large debris before they reach the skimmer.

Issues & Concerns

Requires Adjustments

If you are looking for an automatic pool cleaner that’s ready to use out of the box, this is not it. Unlike a robotic pool cleaner, it requires a few adjustments to get it to work properly.

It takes some time to learn how to set the weights and other parts properly.

It’s a trial and error process before you know how to get the cleaner to climb the wall and keep it from getting stuck on the drain

Slow Cleaning

The main issue with this is not cleaning performance. Though slow, KreepyKrauly does a great job cleaning the pool. If anything, it’s good because it’s slow.

But this comes with a downside. Because it takes longer to clean, you have to keep the pool pump on for longer. This can increase your power bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

above ground pool cost

Does the Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly need a booster pump?

No, it doesn’t need one. It works with your existing pool pump.

Where do I connect the Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly pool cleaner?

To your pool’s dedicated suction line. This is where the water is sucked out of the pool.

The cleaner comes with everything you need to set it up, including a hose.

How long is the warranty on the Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly?

1 year.

Our Bottom Line


The Pentair 360042 KreepyKrauly carries on the legacy of the classic model with its excellent cleaning performance, reliability, and durability. 

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