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How Much Is A Hayward Pool Pump? A Complete Cost Guide

how much is a hayward pool pump

Your pool pump is an essential part of your swimming pool system. Without one, your pool would not circulate water effectively, moving water from the pool into the pool filter to be purified before returning.

Hayward pool pumps are among the best in the industry and come in various sizes and capacities. They range from 1/2 HP models for smaller above-ground swimming pools to larger models that can handle pools up to 50 feet in size.

Hayward pool pump prices vary depending on the size and capacity of the pump.

Most Hayward pool pump models cost $400-$1000, while their highest-end smart pumps cost over $1,500.

We recommend replacing your Hayward pool pump every ten years. This ensures that your pool remains safe and clean.

Types of Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward sells several different models of pool pumps for above-ground and inground residential and commercial pools.

In this section we cover their different products and point out the key differences.

Hayward Above-Ground Pool Pumps

how much is a hayward pool pump

A reliable above-ground variable-speed pool pump designed for maximum energy efficiency and super-quiet operation.  Designed for larger above-ground pools.

2. Power Flo Matrix High-Efficiency (1-speed or 2-speed, 1.0 or 1.5 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

Hayward’s bread-and-butter single-speed and 2-speed pool pumps for a wide range of above-ground pools. Designed with an extra large debris basket and built to last.  Not expensive.

3. Power Flo LX High Efficiency (single-speed, 1.0 or 1.5 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

PowerFlo LX single-speed pool pumps deliver great results for a wide variety of above-ground pools. Durable, simple design. Inexpensive but louder than variable speed units.

4. Power Flo II Self-Priming  (1/2 to 1.0 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

Designed for smaller above-ground pools that require self-priming pumps.  Available with or without a strainer. Inexpensive. 

Hayward Inground Pool Pumps

how much is a hayward pool pump

The most affordable way to add smart control to your existing inground pool or spa. VS Omni controls all pool and spa equipment types, including pumps, heaters, lighting, sanitization, water features, and more. Integrates with most existing systems using OmniHub Smart Relay Kit and AquaRite Omni daughter board. 

2. TriStar VS  (variable speed, 1.85 to 2.7 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

The most energy-efficient variable speed pumps on the market. Designed for medium to large pools, TriStar pumps save up to 90% on energy costs or as much as $1500 per year compared with single-speed pool pumps.

3. SuperPump VS (variable speed, 115V or 230 V models)

how much is a hayward pool pump

Hayward’s best-selling line, Super Pump VS variable-speed pool pumps are a drop-in upgrade that reduces energy costs by up to 80% vs. single-speed models

4. MaxFlo VS  (variable speed, 115V or 230 V models)

how much is a hayward pool pump

Designed for small to medium pools, MaxFlo VS™ pays for itself faster than larger, more expensive models. A drop-in variable-speed pool pump upgrade that delivers up to 80% energy cost savings over single-speed models.

5. TriStar High Efficiency (single speed, 1.1 or 5.0 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

Designed with advanced hydraulic flow efficiency, Hayward’s less expensive TriStar pumps deliver more power in a smaller, more cost-efficient package. 

6. Super Pump High Efficiency (2-speed, 0.6 to 1.1 HP)

how much is a hayward pool pump

The best-selling medium-head pool pump in the world. Designed for small and medium-sized pools.

A heavy-duty model favored by professionals due to its ease of maintenance and access to internal parts.  See-through strainer with an extra large basket.

Hayward Pool Pump Repair Cost

The average Hayward pool pump will last 8-12 years under normal use.

Generally speaking, when a pool pump fails, the best solution is to simply replace the pump at the cost of $400 to $1500.  This is because the cost to replace and install a new pump is typically not much more than hiring a pool equipment repair professional to pull, repair, and reinstall a broken one.  

If your pool pump develops a leak, then always replace it. You will likely not be able to fix a leak yourself.

That said, you can identify and replace broken components yourself if you know what you are doing.

If the motor is beyond repair, but the rest of the pump is in good condition, replacing just the motor instead of the whole pump is a good money-saving option. Repairing your pool pump motor will cost between $100 and $500, including labor and materials. 

Hayward Pool Pump Warranty Information

how much is a hayward pool pump

Hayward pool pumps are built to last. They are designed to last for many years.

The manufacturer warranty is for 1 year and covers most part and labor costs of repairing your Hayward pool pump.  You will need to send the failed pump to Hayward within 90 days of its failure to qualify.

We generally do not recommend buying an extended warranty on a pool pump because, for the most part, today’s technology is extremely reliable under normal and proper use.

Hayward Pool Pump Parts

Hayward pool pumps are made from several different types of parts. Each part has its unique purpose.

Hayward pool pump strainers and baskets are made from plastic mesh. They are placed inside the pool pump strainer section to catch debris and dirt before they make it into the filter.

Hayward’s pool motors are used to power the pump.

Hayward pool impellers are used to push water through the pump.

Hayward’s pool struts are used to support the pump.

Haywards pool valves control the flow of water through the pump. Hayward pool valves are either open or closed.

Hayward’s pool hoses connect the pump to the filter.

Hayward’s pool pipes transport water between the pump and the filter.

Hayward Pool Filter Replacement Cost

how much is a hayward pool pump

Hayward pool filters should be cleaned or replaced from every few months to once a year in-season, depending on the amount and type of debris your pool deals with.

This helps keep your pool clean and clear.

Hayward pool filter replacement costs depend on the brand and model of the filter, but most are priced around $100-$200.

Hayward Pool Skimmer Replacement Cost

Hayward skimmers should be replaced every 3-4 years. This prevents clogs and damage to the pump.

Hayward pool skimmer replacement costs depend on the model of the skimmer.

Haywards pool skimmers are usually priced around $50-$150.

Hayward Pool Motor Replacement Cost

how much is a hayward pool pump

Hayward motor replacements are usually covered under warranty.

The cost to replace depends on the make and model of the motor, but Hayward pool motors are usually priced between $300-$600.


Q: What are pool pump models available from Hayward?

The following is a list of Hayward pool pump models:






Q: How much does it cost to replace a Hayward pool pump?

A: Hayward pool pump replacement costs vary depending on the make and model, but generally range between $400 and $1500.

Q: What kind of warranty does a Hayward pool pump have?

A: Most Hayward pool pumps come with a standard one-year warranty.  Some commercial units come with a 3-year warranty.

Q: Do all pools use the same size of motor?

 A: No. All pools use different sizes of motors. The most common size is 1 HP. Small above-ground pools typically need 1/2 HP to 1HP.  The largest in-ground pools might need 3 HP to 5 HP pumps.

Q: How long do Hayward pool pumps last?

A: Hayward pool pumps should last 8-12 years under normal and proper operating conditions.  Some have lasted well beyond that.

Q: Does a Hayward pool pump need any special tools to install?

A: Some pool pumps may require special tools to install or repair, including Allen keys, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

Q. How do I know what type of Hayward pool pump I need?

A: You can find this information by clicking here.

Q: Where can I buy a Hayward pool pump?

A: Hayward pool pumps are available from most local pool supply stores and via major online stores like

Q: What makes a Hayward pool pump better than another?

A: Hayward pool pumps offer excellent value and have been proven in the field for decades. They are reliable, easy to maintain, durable, and affordable.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Hayward pool pump?

A: Hayward pool pumps include the most efficient models on Earth. Loved by pool professionals, they are easy to install, repair, and operate. They are also very reliable and durable.


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