Hayward Poolvergnuegen (The Pool Cleaner) Review: Pros, Cons & Bottom Line

Hayward Poolvergnuegen

Hayward Poolvergnuegen is a suction-side pool cleaner designed for in-ground pools. Unlike the popular KreepyKrauly, this one moves on wheels.

Some customers swear it’s better than the KreepyKrauly they’ve been using.

While cleaning performance between the two brands is comparable, Hayward Poolvergnuegen cleans faster, doesn’t require constant adjustments, and has a better wall-climbing ability.

For us, and many pool owners, the Hayward Poolvergnuegen is the best suction pool cleaner

To compare it to other automatic pool cleaners, read our reviews of the best automatic pool cleaners, including pressure and robotic cleaners. 



Product Specifications


Best Features

1. Two and four-wheel Options

The Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner is available in two models: a two-wheeled one for 16’ by 32’ pools and a more powerful four-wheeled one for 20’ by 40’ pools.

The manufacturer also recommends the four-wheeled model if your pool’s suction port is located at one end of the pool rather than in the middle.

The 4-wheeled cleaner is more powerful and has better traction, meaning it can drag a longer hose.

2. Self-Adjusting Turbine Vanes

The Hayward Poolvergnuegen suction cleaner doesn’t need a booster pump. Even if you have a weaker pool pump, it’ll still move and clean thanks to the self-adjusting turbine vanes.

The vanes adjust to maximize suction at different levels of water flow.

If you have a variable speed pool pump, you can set it at a lower flow rate, and the cleaner will still work fine.

The flexible vanes also allow the cleaner to pick up larger debris that would be blocked if the vanes were rigid.

3. Adjustable Roller Skirt

The turbine vanes are not the only adjustable part of the Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner. The roller skirt, which boosts suction and helps with steering, is also flexible.

This allows the cleaner to maintain maximum suction on uneven surfaces such as over the drain.

4. Programmed Steering System

Hayward Poolvergnuegen has a basic pre-programmed steering system that ensures to covers the entire pool.

It’s no CleverClean (the smart navigation system found in Dolphin robotic cleaners), but it works great to ensure there’s no missed spot.

After a set distance, the left wheel reverses for a moment, which steers the cleaner in another direction. The cleaner can turn in five different angles, so it doesn’t keep cleaning the same areas.

5. Full Pool Coverage

The steering system, combined with the high-traction tires, takes the cleaner over every inch of the pool, including the steps, walls, and waterline.

The 4-wheeled cleaner is better at wall climbing. But the two-wheeled one also goes up the wall, though with a bit of struggle.

Issues & Concerns

No Brush

Like most suction cleaners, the Hayward Poolvergnuegen does not have an attached scrubbing brush. It can pick up some of the debris and algae stuck on the pool floor and walls, but it’ll not do a thorough job.

We recommend occasionally brushing your pool to loosen the dirt. You can then leave it to float in the water, and the cleaner will pick it up.

No Filter

This is an inherent limitation of suction cleaners. They don’t have an onboard filter, instead of relying on the pool skimmer and filter to do all the work.

Your pool filter will wear out faster.

To lessen the load on your pool, we recommend buying a canister filter and attach it to the cleaner. It catches leaves and other large debris before they get to the pool filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

above ground pool cost

Does the Hayward Poolvergnuegen cleaner need a booster pump?

No, it doesn’t. It works well with your existing pool pump.

Does Hayward Poolvergnuegen work with a variable speed pool pump?

Yes, it does. Self-adjusting turbine vanes allow the cleaner to maintain strong suction at different flow rates.

How long is the warranty on the Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner?

One year.

Our Bottom Line


Many automatic pool cleaners can be frustrating to use, requiring constant adjustments to work properly.

The Hayward Poolvergnuegen is not just one of the best suction pool cleaners; it’s also one of the easiest to use.

You don’t need to babysit it or adjust anything.

It’s also well-made and guaranteed to serve you well for many seasons. 

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