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Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Pros, Cons & Bottom Line

Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Sigma is one of the most powerful and capable robot vacuums from Maytronics. It’s great for large in-ground pools up to 50 feet.

It features three motors, dual brushes, and dual filters, as well as smart navigation supported by a gyroscope.

It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, although you won’t find much use for it.

All this doesn’t come cheap. Sigma is one of the most expensive residential Dolphin pool robots. But for pool owners who want the best in features and performance, it’s worth it.

Read on for our full review.

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Product Specifications


Best Features

1. Triple Motors

Pool robots with dual motors are impressive. They have no problem climbing the walls and rarely get stuck.

The Dolphin Sigma goes one step further with its triple motor setup. The 24V DC motors deliver plenty of power to the scrubbing brushes, the tracks, and the onboard vacuum.

This dramatically improves the robot’s mobility and cleaning. It’s less likely to get stuck, it can clean up to the waterline, it easily dislodges stubborn dirt on the floor and walls, and it has high suction power.

Despite the increased power, the Dolphin Sigma is very energy efficient.

2. CleverClean Navigation with Gyroscope

One way it saves power is by moving in an efficient cleaning pattern that covers the entire pool without going over the same areas repeatedly.

It does this using CleverClean navigation. The system scans the pool and guides the cleaner on the most optimal path.

Thanks to its smart pool scanning system, the Dolphin Sigma can easily handle extra-large pools as well as irregularly shaped pools.

3. Dual Brushes

One of the essential parts of a robotic pool cleaner is the scrubbing brushes. Without them, you’d still have to scrub the walls and floor manually . 

The Dolphin Sigma uses dual brushes to attack stubborn dirt and algae on the pool floor and walls.

It doesn’t have a fast-spinning active brush like some other Dolphin models, but the two normal brushes do a great job dislodging stubborn grime from the pool surface.

4. Dual Top-Loading Filters

All the debris in the pool ends up in two large filter canisters. The robot has enough suction power to pull in both fine and large debris, including nuts, acorns, and leaves.

Fine debris like sand and silt goes into one cartridge while larger bits of debris go into the other.

This debris separation plus the cartridges’ large capacity allows the robot to keep picking up debris without losing suction power.

5. Weekly Scheduler and Bluetooth Connectivity

You can set the Dolphin Sigma to clean daily, every two days or every three days. The ideal schedule depends on how much traffic your pool sees and how dirty it gets.

If there are lots of trees near the pool, you might find it more convenient to set a daily auto-cleaning schedule.

You can set the schedule on the power unit or using the companion smartphone app. To use the app, you first connect your phone to the robot via Bluetooth.

Then download the app and fire it up. In addition to setting a schedule, you can also steer the robot using the app.

But with a lag time of a couple of seconds, it’s tedious. It takes time to master how to do it properly.

There’s also the issue of range. You have to be right beside the pool for the app to work.

Issues & Concerns


It would have been nice if Maytronics had included a caddy with the Dolphin Sigma. At 24.6lbs, the robot is massive.

Combined with the power unit, the total weight is 35lbs. A caddy would have been helpful for carrying and moving the cleaner.

The app is Tedious to Use

While a thoughtful addition, the Bluetooth feature in the Dolphin Sigma is too tedious to use. Most customers tried it once and stopped using it.

You have to be close to the pool, and the response lag from the robot makes manual navigation difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

above ground pool cost

Can I use the Dolphin Sigma in a vinyl pool?

Yes, you can. It is safe for most types of pools.

Does the Dolphin Sigma come with a caddy?

No, it doesn’t. You have to buy it separately if you need it.

What’s the warranty on the Dolphin Sigma?

Three years.

Bottom Line


The Dolphin Sigma meets most of the expectations we had for a robot pool cleaner of its price. It has a couple issues but overall, it one of the best in-ground pool robots you can buy.

It’s especially great for large pools that need a powerful, efficient, and smart pool robot to get clean.

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