Dolphin Odyssey Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner Review: Pros, Cons & Bottom Line

Dolphin Odyssey Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner

Commercial swimming pools need to be cleaned more frequently to keep them clean and safe for users. They also see more use than a typical backyard pool, so get dirty quicker.  

A commercial robotic pool cleaner makes it easier and cheaper to keep the pool clean. Our top recommendation for most commercial pools is the Dolphin Odyssey.

It’s an in-ground pool cleaner designed for large commercial pools up to 68 feet in length. Like other robotic pool cleaners, it comes with an onboard vacuum, brushes, and filters. So you don’t need to connect it to your pool, making it easy to set up.

Read on for our full review.

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Product specifications


Best Features

1. SmartNav 3.0 Pool Scanning + Gyroscopic Navigation

Considering the size of pools it cleans, the Dolphin Odyssey can’t afford to move randomly, hoping to cover every part of the pool. It would take too long, waste a lot of energy and miss some areas.

It’s equipped with a smart navigation system – SmartNav 3.0 – that scans the pool to calculate the best cleaning path and ensure there are no missed spots.

Also, the Odyssey has an integrated 3-axis gyroscope that significantly improves navigation, especially on walls and around tricky areas such as the ladder and drains.

2. Triple Motors

With three powerful DC motors, there’s nothing the Dolphin Odyssey can’t handle, be it moving over drains or scaling a 90-degree wall.

The motors provide plenty of torque – the thing that makes cars accelerate quickly – allowing the robot to effortlessly climb walls and drive over obstacles without stalling or getting stuck.

The motors also power the onboard vacuum, which easily sucks up all kinds of debris from leaves and acorns to algae and fine sand.

Despite their power, the motors are highly energy-efficient, using up to 87% less power than AC motors.

3. Triple Brushes

Vacuuming is not enough to clean a swimming pool, especially a commercial swimming pool. A lot of grime, algae, bacteria, and dirt also accumulate on the walls and floor where it’s difficult for a vacuum to get it.

That’s why the Dolphin Odyssey has three brushes. They scrub the floor, walls, and waterline to dislodge stuck-on debris for easier vacuuming.

One of the brushes is an active brush, meaning it spins faster than usual. This makes it effective at removing stubborn algae, scale, and biofilm.

Scrubbing the pool floor and walls not only makes the pool cleaner (and saves you the trouble of manually brushing the pool), but also reduces the chemical demand of the pool. You’ll find that you are using fewer chemicals.

4. Dual Filtration

The Dolphin Odyssey has two large filter cartridges that hold different types of debris. One cartridge has fine pores that trap leaves, acorns, worms, bugs, and other large bits of debris.

The other is an ultra-fine basket that traps smaller debris like algae, sand, and silt.    

Combined, the two filter cartridges pick up almost all the debris from the water, leaving the pool sparkling clean.

The cartridges load from the top, so they are easy to access. They are also easy to clean. A quick hose down is enough to wash away all trapped debris.

5. Timer

The power unit has a timer that lets you select how long the cleaning cycle is going to be. Options are 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 hours.

This lets you choose between a quick clean, a normal clean, and a deep clean.

6. Remote Control

If the cleaner keeps missing certain spots or doesn’t seem to scrub them hard enough, you can manually drive it over those areas using the included remote control.

Issues & Concerns

The main issue with the Dolphin Odyssey is its weight. At 24lbs, it’s not as heavy as we’d have expected from a commercial robot pool cleaner with three motors, three brushes, and two filters.   

But it’s still some weight to carry around. It’s even heavier when you are lifting it from the pool before all the water pours out.

Maytronics doesn’t include a caddy for storage and transport, but you can buy one separately

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Dolphin Odyssey climb walls?

Yes, the Dolphin Odyssey climbs walls and scrubs up to the waterline. It can handle 90-degree and radius floor to wall transitions.

Does the Dolphin Odyssey come with remote control and caddy?

Just the remote control. If you want a transport/storage caddy, you have to buy it separately.

Can I use the Dolphin Odyssey in a commercial pond or hot tub?

No, you can’t. The Dolphin Odyssey is for use in swimming pools only.

Our Bottom Line


It can be expensive and time-consuming to keep a hotel or public pool clean. Though the Dolphin Odyssey won’t take over all pool maintenance, it will help with a big chunk of it.

This will save you time and money and ensure your customers are swimming in safe and clean water.

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